Project Description


  • Comcast Business photography captures moments of people’s interactions with technology and treats them in a warm, human way.
  • The people we use in our images should reflect a diverse group in terms of gender, ethnicity, and age. In the same way, the businesses we choose to feature should be diverse in size and industry, as well as reflective of a forward-thinking vision of business today.
  • The photography should always feel real and candid, not overly staged.
  • Scenarios should capture the person interacting with technology.
  • Images are always in color, never in black and white. What makes our imagery distinctive is the use of a saturated color palette that’s created using a combination of gels and retouching. The saturation creates a vibrant, modern look that we can own.
  • Whether wide or close-up, imagery must have enough negative space for maximum legibility of copy.

Photography Samples

Stock Photography

Use stock images when the brand images won’t work with the concept being developed. Research images that feel like the brand images, then follow the retouching instructions below.

  • Increase saturation to match brand images
  • Keep subject area of image in focus by creating a shallow depth of field.
Original stock imageOriginal stock image