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Tone of Voice
Tips On Tone
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Tone of Voice

Our mission is to help businesses perform better through technology. We do this by enabling businesses to create better experiences for both customers and employees. Our tone flows from these core beliefs.


We don’t use big words to impress. We default to clear language. We don’t patronize our audience by “dumbing it down.” But we also don’t grandstand with inside vernacular and industry jargon.


We’re not cynical. We’re not sarcastic. Our default setting is positivity and sincerity. We are confident that our network, solutions and applications can help improve the way businesses do business.


We don’t see technology as a replacement for people. We see it as playing a supporting role for our largest ambitions.
Amplifying our capabilities rather than depleting our future.


We understand the pace of business today. Our pace matches or exceeds it. We are highly perceptive and responsive. It’s our privilege to keep the company we do. We want our clients to feel that.

Brand Voice – Tips On Tone

We flex and change our tone to align with our audience and message, keeping in mind what we are asking our audience to do.

Who are we talking to?

Small Business: Practical language, lacking jargon or unnecessary complexity

Mid-Market: More sophisticated but still without jargon; consider use of industry specific language for verticals

Enterprise: Most sophisticated and technical, still without jargon and unnecessary detail

Other Tips!

  • Especially for MM / ENT, consider whether we are talking to an IT person or a business stakeholder
  • If we are communicating with a customer, we should flex our tone and language accordingly and also acknowledge our
Why are we sending a message?

Promotional: Professional, engaging, persuasive, inviting

Service: Informative, detailed, in control, guiding

Crisis: To the point, understanding, empathetic

Product Education: Insightful, deliberate, clear, concise

Sales/Cross-Sell/Acquisition: Urgent, direct, persuasive

What are we asking for?

Action Needed: To the point, direct, action oriented

FYI: Brief, single minded, informative

Follow-Up: Familiar, informed about previous actions

Brand Voice – What We Say

Flowing out of our overall brand mission and voice, every word we say has meaning.

We do not use words that are unnecessary, nor do we use overly flowery language.

Instead, we are practical and customer-focused in all that we do.

We focus on what businesses care about in our products and services and how our solutions will help their business perform better.

For example, we do not talk about speed for speed’s sake – we define what fast, reliable internet means for a business. Faster downloads, powering more devices, being able to do more at once. That is what matters to a business. It is imperative that we are constantly giving practical and real examples of how our Comcast Business solutions will enable a business to perform better.

Whenever possible, we should give context to who we are talking to and acknowledge the relationship we have with the business.

For example, if we are communicating with a customer, we should take the opportunity to thank them for their business. If we are talking to a potential new customer, we should greet them accordingly. If we know what industry their business is in, we should be as specific as we can to show our business expertise and commitment to a great customer experience at every touch point.